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Automatic Emergency Braking
Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), often referred to simply as automatic braking is a safety standard that literally every safety organization in the US and Canada, including the NHTSA, NTSB, IIHS and the Center for Auto Safety and Transport Canada want installed in all vehicles; the real question is how long will it take. Automakers, although they have made a commitment to implementing AEB see a horizon of 2025, almost a decade from now, whereas most safety experts want this technology yesterday. You may be asking yourself is it that importantRead More
Crash Test is providing you with easily digestible wrap-ups of car safety news weekly in a quick synopsis of the major stories dealing with car safety issues. Find out the latest recalls, scandals, safety improvements or concerns quickly and easily right here. NHTSA Gives Ratings a Major Overhaul The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is proposing a major overhaul to how their 5 Star Ratings are given out. They plan to include driverless technologies by 2019 as a major component of their safety ratings to achieve a 5 Star rating.Read More
Is a Throttle Delay for Safety, safe?
The latest in Car Safety news is a weekly segment here at enabling you to see what the largest issues about car safety are including recalls, new technology, breaking reports and studies; keeping you informed is what we are aiming to do. Lessons from the VW Scandal One of the few good things to come out of the massive VW Emissions Scandal is lessons that governments, consumers, testing organizations and manufacturers can take away from the incident. The scandal involved VW enabling a “cheat device” on their older TDIRead More
Samsung Safety Truck
Ever been stuck between a large tractor trailer truck on a single-lane highway? It’s the same unfortunate story for many a driver. The winding road and the size of the truck make passing the truck dangerous, yet the tedium of driving behind the truck drives a lot of people crazy; until now. Samsung Delivers Safety The new design from Samsung offers a great way to keep driver’s safer while attempting to pass or overtake these large vehicles. The technology includes a camera on the front of the truck and aRead More
Although most motorists never think about it, sometimes tires can actually be the cause of winter safety issues. Imagine that your car is traveling on a neighborhood road, a road you have driven so many times that you can describe it in your sleep, when suddenly the car’s front right wheel catches a sandy patch covering a bit of ice and your car pivots, out of control, into a skid. Careening to the left, your car continues to skid, out of control, as you fight the wheel to control theRead More

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Why are city roads safer?

People who are naturally pessimistic, if not actually paranoid, see dangers everywhere. They fear for their safety, no matter what they are doing. But there are some activities where the risks of injury and death are obviously higher. Driving is one of those activities and even the optimistic understand the risks every time they put wheels on the road. So here comes the question. Where is it less dangerous to drive? As with all questions, the answer is never completely clear cut because it depends what you’re measuring. If, forRead More