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The Department of Motor Vehicles in New York has issued new directives to combat a wave of cheating during driving tests held at some centers. The problem is lack of supervision. Not all DMV offices have layouts where people sitting the driving tests can be observed. As part of a federal investigation, significant numbers of people have been found cheating for the commercial driver license tests. Arrests have been made. This is a problem in some counties because no additional money has been made available to cover the cost ofRead More
There’s a basic rule on the road. When you have mass and momentum on your side, you win every collision. So here’s a story from New York. It seems J R Smith who has a contract worth $24 million with the Knicks as a guard, has decided he should drive a vehicle suitable to his role as a guard. He’s been seen driving around in a Gurkha F5 armored vehicle. This monster weighs more than 13,000 pounds so, if it hit anything other than a large truck, it’s going toRead More
According to Benjamin Franklin, only death and taxes are certain in this world. So we should not be surprised to see Governor Andrew M. Cuomo of New York taking this bold step. It seems there’s a major problem in collecting the taxes owed to the state. The local Treasury has tried asking politely and then threatening action. All this has failed to move New Yorkers. The Governor has therefore stepped in with the ultimate sanction. If you owe more than $10,000 in back taxes and you ignore the next warningRead More
Always on the lookout for something different, here’s a story from Brooklyn, New York. There was a street robbery. Two men cornered a third. A gun was produced. The victim was relieved of his keys, MetroCard and $40 — a sad choice of victims with so little to show for all the risk. The robbers made a run for their getaway van. They jumped inside and, with smoking tires, the van pulled away like it was fueled with nitro. So you can imagine the surprise when the police finally madeRead More
This is the view from inside one of the new unmarked SUVs hitting the roads in New York State. It’s all part of new measures introduced by Governor Andrew Cuomo who’s in Buffalo to announce the crackdown. The budget for law enforcement has been increased by $1 million to pay for fitting out the SUVs with cameras and for the time of the officers to patrol. The intention is to produce a stricter level of enforcement in the laws against distracted driving. So as from this July, you’re at riskRead More
Nobody ever said politics is a game for the faint of heart. If you can see an advantage in a situation, you go for the jugular and never worry about the consequences. At least that’s the way the game is played in Texas where Governor Rick Perry is gunning for Rosemary Lehmberg of Travis County. To understand the situation, the clock needs to go back to April when Ms Lehmberg, who happens to be the District Attorney for a hold-out democratic area in predominantly Republican Texas. Anyway, long-time prosecutor butRead More
If you’re going to enter into a binding legal contract, the question is whether you should read it before you sign on the dotted line. Except, in itself, the question really makes no sense. Why would anyone sign up to a contract unless they knew exactly what the terms were? It makes no sense that people would trust to luck, particularly when they are paying real money. Except that’s what everyone does when they go into a store to buy an expensive refrigerator or into a car showroom to buyRead More