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Ford Fusion
It has been quite a week at the Ford Motor Co. In the last seven days, the automaker has added more than 700,000 vehicles to its ongoing door latch recall, while opening new probes into three other problems. The latter three campaigns brought the total number of vehicles recalled by the number two domestic automaker to nearly 1.3 million. Interestingly, the increased recall action occurred during the week that National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Administrator Mark Rosekind was in Detroit meeting with automakers and touring facilities. Rosekind flew toRead More

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WInter is a’coming in

We may be only two weeks into November but the Indiana Department of Transportation is swinging into action. It may not have snowed yet but temperatures are already down to the mid to low 50s. Those in these northern reaches can soon expect frosts. Black ice can form in the early mornings. “Precipitation” will soon begin. This is the time everyone facing the reality of snow and ice should do their final preparations for winter’s arrival. This starts with checking the tire treads for best grip, and ensuring the batteryRead More