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SafeCar.info is providing you with easily digestible wrap-ups of car safety news weekly in a quick synopsis of the major stories dealing with car safety issues. Find out the latest recalls, scandals, safety improvements or concerns quickly and easily right here. NHTSA Gives Ratings a Major Overhaul The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is proposing a major overhaul to how their 5 Star Ratings are given out. They plan to include driverless technologies by 2019 as a major component of their safety ratings to achieve a 5 Star rating.Read More
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Safecar.org will be giving you latest car industry news surrounding safety issues around the world in a weekly wrap up, published the beginning of the week. This wrap up provides the largest stories across the globe in automotive news. Will Driverless Cars be Licensed to Kill? As the world’s auto manufacturers start to tout the benefits of driverless cars, like the ability to possibly reduce fatal crashes by up to 80% worldwide, certain policy makers are starting to consider the possible negative side effects of these vehicles. Places like CaliforniaRead More
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When looking for news on car safety, Safecar.info is your best resource. From white papers on insurance costs to a state by state breakdown of insurance, accident guide, driver’s education and licensing and general car safety tips, we provide you quality and up to date information. Nissan Xterra Discontinued due to Safety Regulations The car that single-handedly saved the Japanese automaker from the wrecking yards, is itself fated for the scrap heap. The Nissan Xterra, debuted in 1999 as a new SUV that had some quirky features that many loved.Read More