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From the Stone Age onwards, humans have been trying to predict the weather. Will this be one of the good days to go out hunting and gathering or will we need to take umbrellas? Well, over the centuries, we’ve grown reasonably good at looking up into the skies and deciding what weather is coming. Now there are satellites looking down, we can watch the storm clouds gather and track the storms as they move across the sea toward the land. Science has arrived. It’s the same when it comes toRead More
To help you decide which make and model to buy, all new vehicles will be carrying a sticker in their windows showing an estimate of the cost of gas for one year. The problem is these stickers may not be even remotely relevant to your own driving experience. If you are older and only drive a few miles, the annual cost of your driving may only be a few hundred dollars. That might be more or less depending on the make and model. It would make a significant difference dependingRead More
When it comes to deciding what vehicle to buy, people still tend to go for the look and feel first, followed by auto safety proved through crash testing, and only come to the cost of running the vehicle last. What’s the evidence for this? The sales figures for the makes and models sold in 2012 show only a minority of people bought environmentally friendly vehicles. The majority continued the habit of buying gas guzzlers. In the first instance, this places pressure on the aging oil refineries to continue the processingRead More
As a species, humanity is rather lazy. It prefers to consume whatever is cheap, convenient and plentiful. The moment it becomes obvious there will be problems in locating the raw materials or you realize the cost of some products will rise, there are a hundred-and-one reasons suddenly found to continue with the cheap, plentiful stuff. So the world is addicted to fossil fuels. The alternate renewable sources of energy are more expensive to develop. The result is resistance to abandon coal and oil even though they may be damaging theRead More