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For the longest time Green vehicles referred simply to their ability to outperform standard combustion engines on fuel efficiency. Yet all the categories of green vehicles are seeing marked improvements in safety as well, making them some of the safest vehicles on the road. From standard hybrids to full electric cars to the future of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and self-driving/driverless vehicles, safety has become a hallmark of these vehicles today and the future. Follow along as we describe some of the most amazing safety features in green transportation. HybridsRead More

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Protect the environment

One of the problems with the libertarian element in many aspects of American culture is the selfish rejection of any regulations or laws that interfere with what’s seen as our essential freedoms. So, for example, even though there’s a small mountain of research evidence showing restricting the speed of vehicles reduces the number of injuries and deaths on our road, politicians and law enforcement officers do not actively enforce the laws as aggressively as they should. People are largely left to drive however they want with little danger of theRead More
In science fiction novels and movies, ground and sometimes air transport is powered by some undefined type of battery or there’s a compact power-generating source. It’s convenient to describe or show these things working without feeling the need to explain the technology behind them. It’s a form of science-as-magic approach to world-building. Coming to our reality, scientists are trying to convince lawmakers there’s a problem with the climate. This is pushing both the federal and some state lawmakers into requiring the development of zero-emission vehicles. Environmentally friendly design is theRead More
Chevrolet Volt 2014 hybrid
When folk at the bottom of the Greek hill called Mount Olympus heard the thunder and saw the lightning flash, they made up stories about Gods who controlled the weather and other aspects of their environment. They didn’t know any better. Now we’re in the Age of Enlightenment and know some science, we understand thunder and lightning have nothing to do with gods. Well, it’s time to bring the same level of understanding to the question of electric vehicles, specifically the Chevrolet Volt. So let’s start off with the balancingRead More

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The future shown at Detroit 2014

The 2014 North American International Auto Show has just been held at Detroit and this gives us a chance to identify the trends for the next year or so with both actual models and concept cars on display. The important feature of this auto show is that it brings manufacturers from all the major markets. So in addition to the home-grown product, we get to see the pick of the new models from both the Europeans and the Asians. This year we seem to be turning the clock back. LookingRead More
Japan and California already have two-hundred FCX Clarity hydrogen cars on lease where there are adequate refueling points. The numbers are limited simply to test the technology. Hence, with full insurance cover thrown in, the rental is $600 per month. This is a realization of the FCX Concept car that was shown in 2006 and Honda are promoting the vehicle as a practical fuel cell vehicle. It takes five minutes to refuel and has zero emissions. If the technology proves reliable and a full infrastructure of hydrogen fuel distribution isRead More

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Drive don’t walk

The newspapers have been full of the latest climate change predictions. It seems temperatures are rising faster than the scientists had been expecting. This will melt the icecaps more quickly. As the water rises, land will flood. This will force people to move. Conflict is almost inevitable. Of course, it’s inconvenient to believe such scare stories because, if they were true, we might have to change. And, let’s face it, no one wants to change unless they absolutely have to. So while we’re busy not changing, a few are buyingRead More
The question those responsible for planning the future of our cities have been wrestling with is whether we should be forced to give up personal transport relying on gas, and opt for public transport with some electric-powered options for individuals. Let’s make no mistake about this issue. Even if climate change proves to be an exaggerated threat, there will come a time when oil reserves run low and the cost of refined gas will make it too expensive to continue powering cars. This will mean redesigning the space where weRead More

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Be smart, don’t buy a smart car

Many years ago in a land far, far away (sometimes called Germany), a designer thought it would be a great joke if he could persuade really large people to get inside really small cars. The trick he decided to use was calling the cars “smart”. The inference was that the people who paid for the privilege of squeezing themselves inside these insanely small spaces were themselves smart. Just like those who were queuing up to buy Swatch watches, people wanted to be able to congratulate themselves for being clever, forRead More

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The military is going green!

Green? Not you understand in the effects of bullets and bombs. Rather the military is concerned about the vulnerability it faces when moving supplies of fuel across dangerous landscapes. One of the most dangerous jobs in Afghanistan is driving fuel convoys. There’s one seriously injured person every 24 missions. This may not sound very many, but when you have encampments all over the country, fuel must move even to remote outposts. To cut down on the driving, renewable energy sources are being installed. The aim is to reduce the non-tacticalRead More