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The headset by Emotiv
The future of transportation is a world of fantastical machinations of the brightest minds in the world. 20 years ago the movie “Back to the Future” predicted there would be hover boards and a flying time machine by now. Although there have been many predictions about flying cars and amazing transportation options in the future, the world still drives on gasoline. Although, with the amount of research being poured into the transportation of the future, the world is closer to these solutions than many know. Driverless Cars Driverless cars haveRead More
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On the Road to the Future

One often sees concept cars being criticized for being too conservative in design, playing it too safe, sticking to the tried and true. But how daring can prospective car designs realistically be, not just in terms of styling but with a view to technology, performance, and safety features? When it comes to imagining the car of the future, will we ever catch up with the authors of pulp science fiction and Hollywood’s flights of fancy? Flights of the imagination We’ve seen futuristic conceptions of automobiles since there have been automobiles.Read More