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Make the testing regime tougher

The world may be a big place but, in developed countries, it does not matter where you go, the problems stay the same. So in India which is the second most populous country, there’s a real problem both in the number of vehicles on the road, and in the standard of driving. It’s a sad fact, but driving conditions are chaotic and the new national government of Narendra Modi is proposing measures to make the roads safer. Today, you might be on the road in your new luxury vehicle alongsideRead More

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What price privacy?

Here’s a common sense rule: that people who have sufficiently serious health problems that might affect their ability to drive should be banned from driving. This is the proposal currently being considered by the government in the UAE. Their list of potential diseases includes Parkinson’s, epilepsy, diabetes where there are regular losses of consciousness, and so on. Temporary bans are proposed for people who have had a stroke, are severely depressed, find their eyesight growing worse, e.g. because of cataracts, and so on. All this might be relatively uncontroversial exceptRead More
The negatives now outweigh the positives When the automobile first appeared, it was a toy for the rich to play with. Everyone else relied on horses and the world continued to turn. Unfortunately, Henry Ford then decided to make the car a mass market product that everyone could afford. In a short space of time, horses were discarded and several thousand stables went into liquidation, throwing a significant number of people out of work. Automobiles have always had positives and negatives attached to them. With more efficient transport, economic activityRead More

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Who’s doing the driving?

The law is sometimes alarmingly easy to understand and then sometimes quite challenging. The idea of vicarious liability says that when someone employs another to do work, the employer is legally responsible for everything the employee does during the course of that work. So if an employee is driving on employer business during the working day, you sue the employer if the employee crashes into you. But if the person who’s doing the driving is an independent contractor, you sue him or her directly. The news out of California forRead More

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The genders are not the same

Everyone knows the car insurance rates are set according to the actuarial tables produced and maintained by the insurance industry. These assess the level of risk depending on who you are, how old you are, how many years you have been driving, what make and model you drive, and so on. It’s also well-known that the young are most at risk of injury or death in a motor accident. Indeed, crashes have become the leading cause of death amongst the young. Given this is an avoidable cause of death, thisRead More
The American culture always likes to declare winners (and mention the losers with a sad smile). We love winners and so tend to produce lists. Coming at the top usually earns a big cheer except, perhaps, when foreign brands beat American brands. Why, we ask, can we not do better? When it comes to the motor manufacturing industry, the lists for the last twenty-five years have shown Ford edging out Toyota or Honda as the winner. For those obsessive people who care about the losers, Nissan tended to be aRead More
With a price tag of $1,500, Google Glass is not exactly aiming at the mass market. Presumably as it completes its beta stage testing and the software is tweaked, the finished product will have a more accessible retail price. But this is not the only wearable technology in the pipeline. There are already so-called smart watches and others are working on integrating hardware devices into clothing and accessories. The problem for lawmakers is to decide what controls, if any, are needed to maintain a reasonable level of safety on ourRead More

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Arguments go up in smoke

When it comes to distracted driving which is rapidly being counted in a way that makes it seem increasingly dangerous, everyone focuses on the use of modern technology. The fact we all had radios to tune to different stations as we were driving along or cassette tapes to fiddle with is easily forgotten. As is the case with all these distracting people we carry around with us who insist of talking to us, pointing out exciting things to see outside the vehicle, and passing us pastrami on rye when we’reRead More

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Here are the most hackable

Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, two well-known individuals who research computer security, have released a report detailing their survey of the computer set-ups in twenty different makes and models. The problem is that, if security is poor, a hacker may be able to take over control of the vehicle either before it’s started or while it’s running. Given so many driving systems are controlled by computer, this could be very dangerous to the driver and any passengers. The three most hackable 2014 models are the Jeep Cherokee, the Cadillac Escalade,Read More

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How to drive in the rain

According the song in My Fair Lady, the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. Unfortunately, when the storm clouds cross over the Atlantic to America, the rain falls everywhere and, given so much of our land is covered by concrete; it tends to pool and then drain on to highways and roads before passing on through the drains and sewers to the rivers and sea. If you look at the accident statistics, rain is often blamed for accidents. The problem is that many drivers fail to realize youRead More