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Posted On March 25, 2014By adminIn What's the news?

Is singing a distraction?

In Wayne’s World, the driver and passengers don’t just sing. They give a performance to end all performances. Whether directly or indirectly, this movie identified a cultural phenomenon which, just a few years ago, produced the reality television show called Motormouth. This depended on “friends” provoking their friends to sing along to their favorite songs while driving. It’s conventional wisdom to treat everything connected with technology as a distraction and to dismiss many of the other activities as just part of a driver’s life, e.g. eating or drinking while behindRead More

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Is Apple’s CarPlay safe?

All companies need to innovate to maintain interest in their products and services. For technology companies, this means high-profile launches of their hardware’s latest features. This week sees Apple telling everyone how wonderful its new CarPlay system is gong to be. As a driver, it seems you will now be able to call, text, and navigate using Siri, the hands-free personal assistant of the communication experience. The problem for road safety is simple. Apple is telling the people who buy this product that it’s acceptable to drive while distracted. AsRead More

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Reading a map is not distracting

There are times when you begin to wonder whether judges are actually part of the human race or some esoteric new species that’s been sprung on us by manipulative geneticists. Almost every expert of safety you would care to ask would confirm the point of banning the use of mobile technology is cognitive. Anything and everything that takes the eyes and concentration off the road ahead and focuses it elsewhere is potentially dangerous. So here comes a case from Fresno. Steven Spriggs got a ticket because he looked at anRead More

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What distracts us?

At the Chicago Auto Show, Mike Conlon has been discussing distracted driving which is, of course, nothing new. This is all about the mind and anything that takes our attention away from the activity of driving. The moment we had passengers in the vehicle with us, we had conversation and the possibility of taking our eyes off the road to pick up expressions and body language. It’s the same when we look outside the vehicle. Of course we should focus on the road ahead but, wow, is that some hunkyRead More

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How best to enforce a law?

In medieval times, lawmakers grew very frustrated when few people obeyed their laws. There they were, slaving away in cold and drafty parliament buildings and criminals were just ignoring them. So they began to increase the punishments. By the time they had finished, more than two-hundred different crimes from simple theft to murder were punishable by the death penalty. Then the lawmakers realized two things: • petty thieves had an incentive to kill all witnesses to reduce their chances of being caught; • the only thing that deters people isRead More
The way our constitution is supposed to work is very simple. We, the people, elect people to represent us. They make laws. When the local or state government makes them active, the law enforcement agencies leap into action. As from day 1, they are out on the streets looking for offenders. The opening blitz of tickets or arrests sends a message to the community. That no one is safe. Break this law and you will be issued a ticket. Fines will be payable. Change your behavior. Well, that’s the theory.Read More
This sounds very technical so let’s break it down to something everyone can understand. Let’s suppose you’re driving in a state which outlaws the use of mobile technology for texting. You’re busy replying to an “urgent” message when another driver comes up alongside you and catches you in the act on camera. It could be one of these dashboard video cameras or just one of the standard cellphones. It doesn’t matter how the images are caught. Can the police use this as evidence of a crime and issue a ticket?Read More

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Ban Google Glass

As this article appears online, several hundred Explorers are living their lives testing Google Glass. In the last week, we’ve had the courts in California dismiss charges against a driver. The justification for this judgment was the lack of evidence the device was switched on. Just wearing a pair of spectacles is not a criminal offense. But if the device was switched on. . . well that would be different. It’s the same when it comes to copyright infringement. A cinema recently called in the cops and then the NationalRead More

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Which are the most dangerous states?

Here’s a question to start us off: how do we judge the failure to act? Let’s say, for example, we’re walking along the banks of a river and see a child drowning in shallow water. It would be no danger to us to wade out into the river to rescue this child although we would get our shoes wet. Yet we choose to walk by as if this tragedy is nothing to do with us. Most people would agree this is morally unacceptable behavior. Yet the law takes a slightlyRead More

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Andrew Cuomo’s proposed law is craven

It sounds like good news for road safety when you hear Governor Andrew M Cuomo of New York State is proposing a new law to suspend the driver’s license of anyone under the age of 21 convicted of distracted driving. That would be a law with teeth. If enforced, it would offer a real deterrent to using any mobile technology while driving. But why does the Governor not want to suspend the driver’s licenses of all drivers convicted of distracted driving? A distracted driver is a menace to other roadRead More