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If you go back fifty years, the world was such a simple place. When it came to driving, everyone waited until their birthday came around, then jumped in the family car, and no one ever looked back. It was the call of the open road, particularly during the summer months, when young people loved to go cruising. Now everyone is concerned about the number of young people who are injured or killed on our roads. There’s actually an unintended consequence to the engineering developments in new vehicles to make themRead More

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Watch out for distracted pedestrians

Wherever you look in the media relating to road safety and car insurance, everyone is talking about the growing problem of distracted driving. It seems the majority of drivers feel a compulsion to answer their phone or send text messages while in motion. For such people, the world will come to an end if they cannot communicate instantly with all their friends. As a result, the number of people injured and killed because of this distraction is rising fast. In many age groups, distracted driving is now taking more livesRead More

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How much do crashes cost us?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been busy data-mining. It has been analyzing all the data of crashes during 2010 to provide some understanding of the total cost to America. To remind you, in 2010: • 32,999 people were killed (25% of these crashes were not reported to the police which is alarming); • 3.9 million people were injured; • 24 million vehicles were damaged. Now the temptation is to think purely of the individuals injured and their families, but the reality of the effects is more widespread. ToRead More

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How many must die?

Here’s a statistic to start off the chain of thought. In the twenty-five years from 1988 through 2012, just over 1 million individuals died on America’s roads in traffic accidents. According to the CDC, vehicle crashes are now the leading cause of death for people up to the age of 34. That’s a depressing fact. We all like to think vicious diseases and disorders are always going to be the biggest killers, but our decision to get into a motor vehicle is most likely to kill us. Indeed, in 2012,Read More

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Europe shows the way

The European Union (EU) now includes 28 member states and, as of 2012, it has an estimated population of 507,890,000. The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) has just published a report showing that, in 2012, 12,345 people were killed on the roads. Just so we keep this in proportion, as of 2014, the USA has an estimated population of 317,996,000. In 2012, the last year for which statistics are available, 34,080 were killed on the roads. So America has a significantly smaller population and kills getting on for three timesRead More

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Apple patents “lock-out”

Up to this point in time, all the technology companies selling product into the mobile market have been evading their responsibility for safety. It’s the old argument put forward by the NRA. It’s not the gun that’s dangerous, it’s the person holding it. So smartphone manufacturers have argued their products are safe. It’s the users who are dangerous by insisting on texting while driving or at any other time when the distraction might be dangerous. Apple have now filed a patent to lock-out the user when it detects the vehicleRead More

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Honda text the anti-texting message

The world is becoming increasingly resistant to irony. It used to be one of the more common traditions. Now no one seems to understand the concept. Honda has just launched a new public service announcement. You might think this in the public interest but, somehow, that misses the point. There’s general agreement that texting while driving is dangerous yet, because the use of cell and smart phones is increasingly embedded in our everyday conversations, drivers resist abandoning them. This despite the research evidence showing texters are three-times more likely toRead More

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When are you at fault?

In all but the twelve states where some version of the no-fault car insurance system is in place, the law of tort is applied to decide which of the drivers involved was the most immediate cause of the accident. The standard test of negligence assumes every driver owes a duty of care to all other road users. So if it’s foreseeable someone else may be at risk, it’s up to you to change what you’re doing to avoid putting the other in danger. Why should this matter? Many people don’tRead More

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Distracted driver loses license

News stories from around the world are usually the same-old, same-old. People are the same everywhere. Take distracted driving as an example. Once people start carrying a mobile device around with them, they acquire a reflex action to answer when the telephone rings, or reply to a text message. So what’s unusual about a Canadian man who loses his driver’s license? This is a man who drives the mean streets of Vancouver. He’s been pulled over and cited for distracted driving — wait for it — twenty-six times in theRead More

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Where can you go?

One of the things we safety experts agree on is the danger of distracted driving. So here’s a case to expand your horizons. Picture a man in his car in Pittsfield Township, Michigan. His bladder is full. He has a desperate need to empty it. This is a major distraction to his concentration. Looking around, there are no obvious trees to hide behind. He needs a restroom, but where to find one? His answer was obvious. He drove to the police station to ask whether he could use the restroomRead More