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It has been quite a week at the Ford Motor Co. In the last seven days, the automaker has added more than 700,000 vehicles to its ongoing door latch recall, while opening new probes into three other problems. The latter three campaigns brought the total number of vehicles recalled by the number two domestic automaker to nearly 1.3 million. Interestingly, the increased recall action occurred during the week that National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Administrator Mark Rosekind was in Detroit meeting with automakers and touring facilities. Rosekind flew toRead More
It’s always frustrating when laws are on the statute book but prosecutors refuse to use them. This has always applied to passengers in a car driven by someone who’s drink. It’s always been an offense for them to allow their friend to drive drunk. But, for some obscure reason, it’s unusual for the passengers to be charged. This may be about to change in Connecticut. Jane Modelesky crashed her SUV into a tree and was killed. Her blood alcohol concentration was three times the adult limit. Four teenagers had beenRead More