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National Child Passenger Safety Week
Bringing you the news that matter in Car Safety is a priority. Be aware of the issues that matter to you, your health and your loved ones in connection to vehicle safety. From scandals, recalls and events, this column gives you a weekly wrap up of the most pressing news issues of the last week. VW Emissions Scandal grows With a scandal that is very much still in the news with the head of the automaker stepping down, many of its chiefs of technology being benched pending review and investigationRead More
Child Car Safety Seat
Babies and child safety seat restraint systems are nearly always mentioned in the same breath. Where one goes, the other one must be installed. The thinking is that babies need to be safe, or as safe as they can be, if an accident occurs. It is a message that the safety establishment has been putting out for nearly 50 years. So, it is upsetting when a car inspection turns up child safety restraint systems that just as well might not have been installed. That, with all of the information out,Read More
Child car seat install

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How To Install a Baby Car Seat

Until 2002, installing a baby car seat was a somewhat complicated procedure. In 2002, LATCHES appeared making installations much easier. Until 2002 installing a baby car seat was a somewhat complicated procedure as you had to rely solely on the car’s seatbelt system to secure the seat in the vehicle. In 2002, though, the LATCHES (latches, anchors and tethers for children) system. This system not only standardized car-seat installation but also made installations easier, provided you followed the steps exactly. What happens if you don’t follow the installation steps asRead More
Convertible baby car seats

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Car Safety Seats – Laptop

One of the more confusing – and frustrating – parts of preparing for your new baby is finding the right car seat. It is much more than just driving to a store, finding a seat, handing the clerk your plastic and walking out to your vehicle with your purchase. Because a car seat is carrying such an important passenger, you have to make sure that the device is not only safe and meets your needs but that it will also fit your infant and that it can be installed correctly.Read More