Quis custodiet


The title is a reference to the question first asked in Ancient Rome. Who polices the police? Here we have a modern answer from Illinois when a truck driver was outraged when he saw a state trooper not only breaking the speed limit, but using his handphone while doing so. Being determined by nature, our truck driver sets off in pursuit, honking his horn until the state trooper finally agrees to stop. There follows an angry exchange of views. The officer first says state troopers are allowed to use technology while driving but later, when he realizes their conversation is being videoed, says that perhaps it was not OK for him to be talking on the phone. He also withdraws his threat to issue a ticket for unlawful use of the horn. Obviously, the state trooper’s attitude completely changed when the fact of the recording registered. Now uploaded, the video has collected 3 million hits in just a day.

So here’s the question for you. This is one citizen who was prepared to confront a law breaker hoping he would be protected by the video recording. It should not come to this. Although law enforcement officers are only human, we should expect them to obey the basic rules of the road. How should we enforce this?

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