NYC crackdown on illegal taxi drivers backfires


Normally people driving their own cars around a town or city feel safe from harassment, but Dan Keys learned the hard way that being a black man behind the wheel of a car can be the wrong place to be. He had just driven his wife to work at a mall when he was stopped by three agents of the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission. They claimed to have seen him dropping of a passenger and collecting money from her. They seized his Lincoln Town Car as an illegal taxi and held it for eight days. This caused the man and his wife to lose time at work and incur the expense of defending themselves against the obvious lies of the agents. The couple are now suing, alleging they were the victims of racial profiling. While it’s understandable the taxi and limo drivers should be defending themselves against the ride-sharing drivers using Uber and the other apps, this is an appalling example of a couple being victimized. Even a five minute investigation would have proved the people in the car were husband and wife, both holding jobs that would have made taxi-driving impossible. Neither had signed up to use any of the apps. This prosecution is a disgrace from start to finish.

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