J R Smith protects himself from attack while driving in New York


There’s a basic rule on the road. When you have mass and momentum on your side, you win every collision. So here’s a story from New York. It seems J R Smith who has a contract worth $24 million with the Knicks as a guard, has decided he should drive a vehicle suitable to his role as a guard.

He’s been seen driving around in a Gurkha F5 armored vehicle. This monster weighs more than 13,000 pounds so, if it hit anything other than a large truck, it’s going to crush any other vehicle that gets in his way. Manufactured by Terradyne Armored Vehicle which is based in Toronto, you can pick this baby up for around $450,000. You have to wonder whether this young man has been having trouble with the paparazzi and thinks he should be able to deter anyone with a camera from following him too closely. As it is, he’s not breaking any traffic laws. He doesn’t need a special driver’s license to drive this on New York’s public roads.

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