Google require an act of faith


Whenever a commercial organization announces a new product or service, the customers must trust the seller or supplier. After all, the customer is going to part with money in the expectation the marketing promises will be sufficiently real. But this latest announcement from Google is asking for more than trust. It’s demanding a leap of faith. As you will know, Google has been investing heavily in the development of an autonomous or self-driving vehicle. It has now confessed to designing and now building small electric vehicles that have no driver’s seat as such, no steering wheel, no gas pedal and no brake to stomp your foot on if there’s an emergency.

No need to panic just yet! This is still at prototype stage with the short-term intention to make two-hundred of these little things and have them available for people to try in various cities. So how would you feel about this? At present, you sit behind the wheel and can override the computer if there’s a problem. It gives the driver some emotional security. How much would you trust yourself to a self-driving system when you had no means of grabbing the steering wheel or hitting the brakes?

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