Eleven times and you’re out


This time our news story takes us over to Massachusetts, where we meet Jeffrey Bickoff. He’s still relatively young at 44, but in this short lifespan, he’s managed to fit in ten traffic accidents. Such a strike rate suggests his actual record is far worse, but he’s been lucky or managed to run off without being caught. Anyway, on June 4, he was driving down a relatively straight stretch of road — he had about 300 feet of unobstructed view. But, no doubt thanks to the amount of alcohol he had consumed, he crossed over the fog lane, mounted the raised curb, and hit Haley Cremer, a jogger, who had stopped to talk with a friend. The force of the impact threw her almost 80 feet along the sidewalk where she died.

So Mr. Bickoff is charged with speeding, driving with a suspended driver’s license, ignoring the lane markings, and vehicular homicide. Since his attorney describes him as indigent, it’s unlikely he’ll be getting into another vehicle any time soon, but it does raise the question why serial offenders like this are allowing to continue driving when they obviously have no respect for the law or the safety of the other road users.

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