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This is how it used to be when the roads were relatively empty and law enforcement was less aggressive. Often you would be allowed to go on your way with a friendly warning. Today, many officers out on mobile patrol have quotas to meet. It’s too easy to sit in one place with a radar gun and shoot down speeding motorists. Police chiefs like to see a more general enforcement of traffic laws, so officers are given targets on distracted driving, seat belts, and so on. This means the officersRead More
Apart from death and taxes, the only other thing you’re almost certain to have to face is your car breaking down. Of course, you could just go online and rent a replacement for however long repairs will take. But suppose the repairs are going to hit your bank balance or credit limit. There’s a temptation to test the realities of friendship. Not those you friended on Facebook, of course. No one is a friend prepared to lend you a car. You start off with other members of the family. It’sRead More
The world of car insurance is never completely straightforward, so here’s a brief summary of the situation if you’re worried about insuring a vehicle when you’re not the owner. Some of the answer to this question is all good news, but we’ll start with the more technical aspects to get them of of the way. Before any insurance carrier will officially recognize your existence, you have to prove you have an insurable interest. So whether you’re looking to insure a vehicle, a building, or someone’s health or life, you haveRead More
People in other countries around the world have grown tired of everyone having to fight over who’s to blame for a traffic accident. Although most attorneys are wonderful people outside the office, the moment they get behind a desk, their fees start to run at the level requiring you to go on oxygen support after the first few hours. So law-makers in other countries decided to keep disputes over traffic accidents out of the courts. No matter who was at fault, each driver’s insurance company would pay. There are slightRead More
Cutting to the chase, America likes to think of itself as a country on its own, better than every other country because it’s driven by capitalism. Anything that suggests socialism is pulling America in the wrong direction, following in the footsteps of Europe or the communist countries — and that would never do. So America is the land of the free where people either make enough money to eat, or they are left to depend on charity. If people grow to expect charities or the state will help them outRead More

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Mini Coopers showing how powerful they are

Thanks to The Italian Job which was released in 1969, the sporting abilities of the Mini Cooper were established beyond doubt as the robbers escaped from the center of Turin at the height of the rush hour by driving across roof tops and through the sewers. This was long before CGI was even dreamed possible and everyone in the cinemas could see how fast the cars were going. Almost overnight, this created a cult following. There was just one problem. Because the safety design laws had been changed in America,Read More

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The answer lies in the pink mustaches

In Los Angeles this June, hundreds of cab drivers brought loud complaints to the ears of those in City Hall. The drivers circled the building, honking their horns, while representatives went inside to complain about the new apps offered by Lyft, Sidecar, and Uber Technologies Inc. The most high profile of these upstarts is Lyft, founded by John Zimmer in San Francisco. The vehicles running in his service all wear a pink mustache (sorry, carstache) as a hood decoration. It’s the old rule. If you want to get your newRead More
As the medieval song says, “Summer is a-coming in, loudly sing. . .” There’s just one problem that parents know all too well. The death rate among teen drivers peaks during the summer months. This is actually not quite what you might expect, but enough of America avoids the snow and ice that make driving really dangerous, and the drop in temperature keeps more teens inside. So with the sun shining, they take the keys and head off who knows where to text and hang out with their friends. Except,Read More
If you’re going to enter into a binding legal contract, the question is whether you should read it before you sign on the dotted line. Except, in itself, the question really makes no sense. Why would anyone sign up to a contract unless they knew exactly what the terms were? It makes no sense that people would trust to luck, particularly when they are paying real money. Except that’s what everyone does when they go into a store to buy an expensive refrigerator or into a car showroom to buyRead More

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Who can drive a self-driving car?

Well as you can see from the photograph above, the future is here today for autonomous vehicles. GPS navigation technology has been working in cars for some years and is more or less universally accepted. The promise is you will be able to get into a car, dial a destination, go to sleep, and wake up when the car delivers you to your destination. Google has been working tirelessly to test the self-drive technology, and since the project began in 2010, the test vehicles have managed to complete more thanRead More