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Auto Insurance Faq

Posted On February 25, 2016By adminIn Insurance

The General FAQs about Auto Insurance

Are you looking for just the FAQs? Learn more about auto insurance by getting the most frequently asked questions answered right here in this article. Learn the difference between mandatory minimums to what total car insurance is. Be prepared for the next time you need to buy auto insurance. How much is Insurance for a Car? Car insurance can vary drastically depending on your own driving record, the state in which you live and the vehicle you are driving. There are many different factors that go into this calculation butRead More
Auto Insurance Type Guide

Posted On February 19, 2016By adminIn Insurance

Learn Different Auto Insurance Coverage Types

  There are multiple types of auto insurance. Learning what these different types are will help you understand which type of auto insurance you need and is best suited to protect you. What is Full Coverage Auto Insurance? Full coverage auto insurance is a term described to provide you with the absolute most coverage possible within the limits of the regulations of your home state. As insurance laws and regulations differ from state to state, this idea of “full coverage” will also differ. Essentially most experts agree that it shouldRead More
Cost of Car Insurance

Posted On January 29, 2016By adminIn Insurance

What is the Average Cost of Car Insurance?

And How Much Should You be Paying? Is your policy about to expire? Has it expired already? Are you looking for auto insurance for the first time? Let this article be a guiding light in the fuzzy world of car insurance. Of course there is an average cost of car insurance; in fact there are many different averages depending on age, sex, and location. Yet, how are you to know what the “average” is for you and how to get below it? Let guide you through a discussion onRead More
How Much Car Insurance do I Need?

Posted On January 13, 2016By adminIn Insurance

How Much Car Insurance do I Really Need?

Many first time car owners deliberate over this question. Not only do you have your own financial considerations to look at, but also you probably have an insurance broker or agent suggesting a whole range of different insurance coverages. Of course then there are multiple other factors in the decision like your driving record, the age of the vehicle, the state you live in and more. In this article, will help lay out all the issues that can come up in deciding on insurance and help you decide howRead More
Car Insurance Coverage

Posted On December 24, 2015By adminIn Insurance

Full Coverage Car Insurance

First, there is no such thing. Full coverage is a term that marketers use to describe a situation that covers a driver as much as possible, but you will never see an insurance company offer auto insurance to cover “absolutely everything.” However, this does not mean that you should not search out how you can get an insurance policy that covers you for as much as possible. There are multiple types of insurance that covers quite a number of situations. Liability Liability insurance is the type of insurance required orRead More
The headset by Emotiv
The future of transportation is a world of fantastical machinations of the brightest minds in the world. 20 years ago the movie “Back to the Future” predicted there would be hover boards and a flying time machine by now. Although there have been many predictions about flying cars and amazing transportation options in the future, the world still drives on gasoline. Although, with the amount of research being poured into the transportation of the future, the world is closer to these solutions than many know. Driverless Cars Driverless cars haveRead More
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Globalization is a trend that has truly been taking off with the opening of markets that have been always closed to American companies; places like China and Russia. Since 2011 the Chinese Auto Insurance market was opened for business to foreigners including the prized ‘mandatory’ liability insurance required by the government in Beijing. With a market set to become the second largest auto insurance market in the world, mature markets like the US should be able to cash in on a market estimated to hit almost $100 Billion USD. HoweverRead More

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Insurance Study Finds 9 Cars Are Lifesavers

An Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study has found that from 2009-2012 nine cars were lifesavers thanks to technology. Has this ever happened to you? You are looking for something high and low and you just can’t find it, no matter how much effort you put into it. It happens all the time and in all aspects of life. For instance, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) conducts regular research into vehicle fatalities. The surveys are conducted on a three-year cycle so that IIHS researchers looked at this topicRead More
Arkansas insurance

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Car Insurance Companies in Arkansas

Shopping for car insurance doesn’t have to be a long and painful experience. There are dozens of car insurance companies in Arkansas that each have their own deals and specialties, and we’ll highlight many of them below so you have a one stop shop to find the insurance that is ideal for you and your lifestyle. 1st Auto and Casualty With coverage of both automobiles and farm equipment, 1st Auto & Casualty is flexible to the lifestyle in Arkansas. Their mission is to serve past, present, and potential policyholders withRead More

Posted On October 10, 2014By adminIn Insurance

Insurers continue to overcharge

There has been a successive sequence of reports over the years which confirm that the car insurance industry actively discriminates against different groups of people. Now before going any further, this requires a little explanation. Because insurance is all about assessing and managing risk, it’s inevitable that insurers will charge higher rates to those who represent a higher level of risk. To that extent, it would not be unfair to discriminate against drivers who are more likely to be involved in accidents. Indeed, if we briefly travel across to Europe,Read More