Ben Tucker dies in Savannah, Georgia


It looks as though Robert William Martin of Austin, Texas, is going to have bragging rights to killing a jazz legend. The scientific evidence from the air bag control unit shows that Mr. Martin was traveling at about 90 mph seconds before he hit the golf cart being driven by Mr Tucker. A Chrysler 300 doing that speed is a lethal weapon. Mr. Tucker died almost instantly. All he was trying to do was cross the street. Not much to ask really.

Mr Martin is now in jail. The charges include reckless driving and first degree vehicular homicide. He’s been denied bail because he has no connection with Savannah. He was just passing through. Although now 82, Ben Tucker could still be persuaded to pick up his bass and play. There might have been some loss of technique but he retained the charisma that made him one of the truly great jazz bass players. He will be missed.

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