Adult tricycles are muscling on to the roads


When parents are looking to get their babies mobile, the first step has tended to be a tricycle. These are highly stable and encourage the development of leg muscles while promoting the learning exercise that crashing into things is bad for health. So here come the Boomers and their second childhoods, except they are buying a very different form of tricycle. These modern machines allow the rider to recline in some comfort. No more hunching over the handlebars of a two-wheeler as that paunch-wobble threatens balance. The older riders find the traditional bicycle produces pain in the wrists, neck, back, and other less mentionable areas. Literally lying back gives riders a better pedaling position and although the recumbent tricycles are heavier, they provide efficient transport and exercise to help people lose those pounds.

So from a safety point of view, remember you’re a lot nearer the ground and less visible to people driving. If you do go on to the roads, it’s a good idea to fly a flag or have flashing lights to attract attention. That way, you arrive safely and stay out of the way of the less attentive drivers.

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