A British woman has trouble

A British woman has trouble

This is another of these stories from the other side of the Atlantic which could not possibly happen in America. Meet Sharran Alexander who lives in London. She’s fifty-years-old and

October 29, 2014
How secure are cars?
October 7, 2014


takata airbag recall

Industry Wonders How Airbag Recall Will Affect Takata

Auto industry watchers wonder how the airbag recall will affect Takata, the manufacturer. Honda may also feel sting. As the airbag recall continues to gain traction, industry insiders are wondering

October 31, 2014


What price the right to drive?

What price the right to drive?

When Henry Ford began to mass produce the Model T, this began the myth that every American citizen had a right to drive. The basis of the myth was that

October 29, 2014
Is Here a real advance?
October 21, 2014

Insurance, politics


Insurers continue to overcharge

There has been a successive sequence of reports over the years which confirm that the car insurance industry actively discriminates against different groups of people. Now before going any further,

October 10, 2014
Drunk driving as teens
October 8, 2014


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